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Since its inception in 2007, the Global Spa & Wellness Summit has commissioned four landmark research studies, three of which were executed by world renowned research firm, SRI International. Listed below are some of the key charts from each report, updated figures as well as the GSWS official definition of spa. Links to the complimentary PDF download of each report are also included below.

Definition of Spa

An inherent goal of the 2007 Global Spa Economy report was to promote the value of flexibility in defining the term “spa” and to understand its different interpretations by businesses and consumers around the world. It is with this end in mind that the team from SRI International put forth the following criteria for spas:

Spas are defined as establishments that promote wellness through the provision of therapeutic and other professional services aimed at renewing the body, mind, and spirit.

Most consumers and industry executives would agree that at its core – no matter its size, form, or business model – a spa is an establishment that focuses on the promotion of wellness. The concept of wellness, the healing traditions drawn upon, and the therapeutic techniques applied differ dramatically from one country to the next.

The Latest Numbers*

With the help of the SRI International team, we’ve updated some of key figures from the 2007 Global Spa Economy Report to provide an updated picture for 2012:

The global spa industry has been on an upward trajectory, growing from $60 billion in 2007 to an estimated $73 billion in 2012, with fast-growing markets, including parts of Asia, currently clocking an increase in annual revenues of up to 20 percent a year. SRI also estimates a 22 percent increase in the number of spas worldwide during this time period: from 71,600 five years ago, to an estimated 87,000-plus today.

Research Reports

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2010: Spas & the Global Wellness Market: Synergies & Opportunities

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